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Title: Selling some things...
Post by: Nicklab on July 05, 2011, 02:09:26 PM
Over the years my collection has grown to near EPIC proportions.  When I was in an apartment and got back into the game, things were on the modest side.  And then when the Episode I days came I was IN!  From that point on I was collecting almost anything and everything I could get my hands on.  I bought doubles of figures for MOMC and loose, troop building, FLEET BUILDING and more.  It got a little out of control.

In time the collection grew to the point where I had to get storage space because my collection was outgrowing my place.  Fast forward a few years, and the collection grew to the point where the storage space was getting to be insufficient, and THAT had to be upgraded. 

Then I moved into a much bigger place.  I thought that with all of the new space I'd certainly be able to get rid of the storage space since I would have a basement of my own.  Hey!  I could start up my own dedicated collection room now!  That idea got stalled though, since having a home like this and taking care of it can be a time consuming proposition.  And then, the collection was TOO BIG for the basement alone.  So the garage has also been taken over for storage duty.  And it's grown to the point of almost being overwhelming.

In the back of my mind I knew I had a good deal of extra items in my collection.  And I had already decided to put some of my Gentle Giant animated maquettes up for sale.  They weren't among the favored items in my collection and I felt like I could put the money from their sale to better use.  There were some extra Hasbro items, too.

So late last week I started photographing some extra collection stock and put it up for sale on a couple of sites.  And you know what?  A few things have already sold, and the sense of relief that I feel from selling that stuff already is noticeable.  By no means am I selling off my whole collection.  But I realized that I bought so much EXTRA that it was really starting to take over a larger portion of my house than I would like.

With this in mind, has anyone else been parting with some select items just in the name of making some space?
Title: Re: Selling some things...
Post by: Mandalorian on July 05, 2011, 03:40:13 PM
I have been debating this myself for about a year now.  I have a giant box of extra figures that I have no room for, an unopened Falcon & At - RT, ST, Jedi starfighters, AT-AT etc.  When I finally decided to sell some things, I noticed online that not much is selling these days though or at all.  I gave a few things to the kids but even they have too much now between what I gave them and what they bought on their own. 
So anyway, I will be parting with some things, just need some time to get around to selling it. My toughest decision is selling the Unleashed collection (bigger versions).  I think I have them all but 2 or 3 and there not open. 
Title: Re: Selling some things...
Post by: Nicklab on July 05, 2011, 10:42:22 PM
I think it really boils down to WHAT you're selling, and HOW.  Some things are in higher demand than others.  Apparently, Republic Gunships are really hot right now.

And I also made a point to use photos for the listings I made.  I think when someone can take a look at what they're buying they are more likely to take the plunge.
Title: Re: Selling some things...
Post by: Falcon on July 06, 2011, 06:04:30 PM
I recently sold my Sideshow 12 inchers, I did it on eBay, just because that was most practical for me, most went to overseas buyers. I was nervous that some of the figures that were pre-Pro bodies wouldn't recoup their original price, but considering most were bought with SS gift cards, I was able to get my money back on almost all, if not, the premium that I made on some of the more in-demand figures made up the difference.

I do like what Sideshow is doing with the 12 inchers, but their prices were becoming too high for me to justify getting them, I was being more selective about which ones I ordered, but there was beginning to be too many I wanted. 

As for Hasbro, I too have quite a few things that I bought when I was either army or fleet building and I wish I could unload them, but I'd really like to just get in a community flea market and unload them that way....actually one thing I'd really like to unload is the VOTC/VTSC figures in the star cases...they take up 2 storage containers on their own.   
Title: Re: Selling some things...
Post by: Darth Wallet on July 11, 2011, 03:38:32 PM
Starwars is my passion so most will stay with me.  Lately, I have been trimming other stuffs also due to space.  I sold most of my SS GI Joe figures.  I might need to sell some army builder figures and even thinking of selling my carded SW figures since I also buy 2 of each, one to open and one carded.  It's also frustrating lately not finding new SW stuffs since most stores order less now and the new figures are packed with older figures.

I am going through my collection this summer and will decide what to keep and what not to